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The aim of this project is to make simulated characters in interactive real time software scenarios more believable by increasing the personality of their behaviour. This will be achieved by implementing biologically inspired Artificial Life (Alife) architectures into their control mechanisms. The method to achieve this is inspired by the constructionist “Synthetic Psychology” approach adopted by neurologist Valentino Braitenberg (Braitenberg 1984).

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Bruno Mars made history this past Sunday when he performed as the Super Bowl halftime main event. A record breaking 115.3 million viewers tuned in to see Bruno sing that more than any other Super Bowl halftime show in history. Beyonce drew 110.8 million viewers in 2013 and Madonna brought in 114 million two years ago.

Vegans say they do not eat animal byproducts (ie goods that a produced by animals and harvested by humans). Honey is an animal byproduct, so it is a no go. Similarly, if you believe animals have just as much rights as humans. I also understand the flip side. That man was a warrior. He battled through a lacerated kidney/spleen (if I remember correctly) for fuck’s sake! Ultimately, I think it was a really respectable decision that came to light at an absolutely TERRIBLE time.

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