Philadelphia is has a very active the Frisbee golf scene. The 27 hole course at Sedgley Woods in Fairmount Park is free and friendly to beginners. You can either BYO discs, rent some for cheap or scour the woods for ones left behind by previous players.

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canada goose store Joseph Vitale, D Middlesex, one of the sponsors and chairman of the Senate Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Committee. “Implementing an outbreak response plan in case of emergency is good policy and even better practice.”After viral outbreak that killed 11 kids, state vows to make big changesThe report, which was made available to NJ Advance Media in advance of its public release, focused solely on policy recommendations to help prevent and control future viral outbreaks.Sen. Troy Singleton, D Burlington, a co sponsor, called the tragedy that befell the families of the children who died at the Wanaque Center “inexcusable and incomprehensible,” and said long term care facilities “must have proper response guidelines when outbreaks occur so that what happened last year can never, ever happen again, anywhere in New Jersey.”The legislation comes on the heels of a report in June by the state Department of Health, which called for a dramatic overhaul of how nursing homes respond to such emergencies canada goose store.

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